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As Wimbledon is a major sporting event and receives extensive international attention, we have ensured that the tennis betting section includes a wide range of odds, betting options, and offers for every type of punter.

With Wimbledon betting odds starting at just £0.10, you can get Wimbledon betting odds on everything from singles, doubles, and multisets. We offer odds on every player, set, and stroke in the Wimbledon final and the low stakes Wimbledon odds.

The premiere grass-court tennis competition for women and men, Wimbledon is one of the world’s biggest events, and, here, you’ll find the latest tennis betting odds, event hype, and a complete preview of every fixture

As far as tennis betting goes, our analysts focus most of their attention on the 4 Grand Slam tournaments, so that when Wimbledon comes around in June, they can already make predictions. With the combination of Wimbledon news, Wimbledon stats, and advanced Wimbledon odds, we will be able to provide you with comprehensive Wimbledon coverage.

Wimbledon Tennis Betting Odds for 2021

Wimbledon is a major sporting event and receives extensive international attention
  • The 2021 Wimbledon will begin on 28th June and will last through early July. There are odds available for both men’s and women’s winners.
  • All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club is the host venue this year in London, UK. This tournament is renowned for its grass courts, a surface Roger Federer loves.
  • He has won almost every grass-court match he has entered, but he only has two wins since 2012. From 2003-2007 he won five consecutive Wimbledon titles, followed by several more after that.
  • A very successful male tennis star is Pete Sampras, also a notable name at Wimbledon. The most successful man of the last few years has been Novak Djokovic, who has won the last 2 and 4 of the last 6 matches.
  • It is only one name that dominates the Women’s competition in the 21st century: Serena Williams. Tennis betting markets often favor the American, with seven wins in the Wimbledon Singles Championship. 
  • Martina Navratilova still holds the Wimbledon record with nine titles, but Serena is beginning to regain her form after an extended absence.
  • Although Serena made it to the final last time in 2021, she was defeated by Simona Halep, so she will try to retain her title this year. Petra Kvitova has managed to win two times in the last nine years.

Wimbledon Odds: How To Read Them

  • American: Roger (Spain) +500
  • Fractional Odds: Roger (Spain) 5/1
  • Decimal: Roger (Spain) 6.00
  • The implied probability is: 16.7%
  • The odds of winning with a $100 wager on Roger is 600 Dollars (100 USD * 5.0 +100), including your $100 deposit.

The concept of implied probability

Betting odds are converted into a percentage by implied probability. To determine a result’s probability, the sportsbook margin is considered.

Conclusion: Whatever your betting expectations are for the season’s Wimbledon, we have Wimbledon odds for all matches, Wimbledon markets are available in a variety of formats for your convenience.

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