Tennis Sports Betting Guide

Tennis bets

Tennis bettors have access to a wide range of betting opportunities during every tennis event, whether it be ATP or WTA.

Whether it’s betting on the winner of a tournament or individual match, there is value to be found everywhere when betting on tennis.

Let’s look at how to bet on tennis.

How To Bet on Tennis Online?

  1. Choosing a Site for Betting. The sites where tennis bettors place wagers online are known as sportsbooks. The tennis betting sites with which we work are all secure, safe, and trustworthy and are approved by the gambling commission. Tennis betting is available online at many sites. You can find online sportsbooks that fit your needs on our tennis sites page.
  2.  Become a member. The process of signing up is straightforward. You will need to provide your name, email address, deposit information, and birthdate. You’ll receive an email with a link for confirmation. Likewise, you can play tennis immediately after completing the registration process.
  3. Deposit money. Decide how you’re going to make your deposit first. Several online betting sites accept debit cards, visas, credit cards, AMEX, Mastercard e-wallets like Neteller, PayPal, and Skrill. You can make deposits using cryptocurrency on some online sportsbooks. 
  4.  Place Bet. You must choose the tennis event, pick a tennis player, choose a wager type, put in the wager amount, and then submit the tennis ticket.
The best offers for tennis bets

Likewise, you are now ready to bet on tennis games!

Betting Options and Basic Odds

Tennis betting has many options. Betting on individual games is simple.

Type 1: Moneyline betting

There are similar odds in both directions between two players who have similar skill levels. Let’s consider an example:

  • Andy Murray +195
  • Novak Djokovic -305

For tennis betting, it is critical to understand that favorites are typically denoted by minus signs (-), while underdogs are denoted by plus signs ‌(+). Sporting events follow the same pattern. The favorite here is Djokovic, while the underdog is, of course, Murray. The wager on Djokovic would need to be $305 for a win while wagering $100 on Andy Murray would earn $195. 

Type 2: Spreads: Bets on games or sets

However, if he were playing a less skilled opponent, he might be rated -5000 (a betting amount of $5000 for a $100 win) and his opponent would be rated +1600 (for $100, he would win  $1600). Like this tennis match, bettors are often given spreads, so they can place their bets on Djokovic to win a match in straight sets or for his opponents to get success set at even prices.

Even though you think a given tennis player is going to play better than you expect, if you still think he will lose, you should consider handicap betting. In many ways, spread betting is similar to other forms of betting. The goal is to offer a chance at a no. of opportunities to the underdog so that they can compete fairly. In a correctly set line, the individual who plays better than what they expected will win.